The Reasons We Are Fat!

Your at Home Meals are Fast Food

Yes, the word is fat! Not curvy, full figure, big, large, thick, or other unhealthy “feel good” politically correct jargon to shield the obese feelings from facts. The U.S. is the fattest country in the world, with a 38.2 percent obesity rate. One in three adults and one in five kids are obese; 91 percent of U.S. children live on a poor diet. Obesity is an epidemic, it is so bad that it has been classified as a National Security Threat;71 percent of the country’s youth cannot qualify to join the military.








The official statistics on the reasons Americans are so fat are out there, in medical journals, online publications, CDC, NIH studies, and you do not need a doctorate to understand them. The most quoted is the average portion size today is 138% larger than in the 1970’s. And, the main culprits named are always the fast food chains. But most studies ignore the fact that at home meal portions have grown at the same rate, and Americans are mostly immobile; mesmerized by smart phones, social networks, and on demand entertainment.







But one thing you will never hear reported by mainstream media is that most frozen manufactured food products, the mainstay of most American’s diet, are “Fast Foods” equivalent to McDonald’s. The reason this is never reported is money; the multinational food manufacturers spend billions every year advertising their unhealthy products on TV, social media, and print publications. And the media corporations will not bite the hands that feed them.






Doctor’s routinely advise that we eat more fresh whole food; but most American’s cannot afford to feed their family fresh food. And, those that can would rather spend their time glued to cell phones or TV’s.

4 oz Frozen Bubba Burger Nutrition Label









Try it for yourself, compare the nutrition label of a frozen food product to fast food restaurants labels. Then compare it to the fresh food equivalent; since “fresh food” does not have nutrition labels you will need to do an internet search for the nutritional value.

By doing comparisons you will find that you are eating “fast food” all the time.

Fresh Meat Nutrition


















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