Consumer Products International reviews are unbiased. Reviews and ratings are arrived at by analysis of products from numerous medical, consumer, independent laboratory, and government publications; unlike most product review websites, and blogs that are merely Affiliate Marketing sales sites which do not give unbiased reviews. They want to sell you their affiliate products in order to earn commissions.

Consumer Products International does not engage in Affiliate Marketing. You will never find a link in our reviews to the product. We gather documented facts and present them to you for your information. We give consumers an honest evaluation, not a sales presentation.

Best Garcinia Cambogia Supplements

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#1 Best Products

#1 Best Products

Goldmoney Reviews

Goldmoney is by far the best way to invest in precious metals; especially for those who do not have substantial savings to invest in bullion all at once, but can do it a little every […]

#1 Best Products

Spring Valley Garcinia Cambogia Review

Spring Valley is a leader in the vitamin & all-natural supplement industry. Every day millions of people trust their health needs to this brand of products. Consumer Products International product review chose Spring Valley Garcinia […]

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